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Store your winter clothes in perfect condition

Now that summer is approaching at a fast pace and the heat is increasing every day, our winter clothes are put aside and t-shirts, skirts, dresses and shorts return in force.

It’s time to store your winter clothes.

Winter clothes should be stored in good conditions so that when the cold comes back, they are exactly as you left them.

Here are some tips to keep your winter clothes in perfect condition.


wash all the clothing pieces, from jackets to shirts, even if they have no visible stains. Clothes get smells just from wearing them and any dirt is enough to attract moths as-well as, the smell that was only felt in one part of the garment will eventually spread. Therefore use a good conditioner with a pleasant smell, it will help keep your clothes in a good state for future use.


now that it’s all washed, make sure that your clothing pieces are well dried because mold can form.

Third step is to put small bags of dried herbs and/or flowers in the boxes or drawers that will keep your clothes safe. Another solution is to wrap a perfumed bar of soap in a cloth to leave a pleasant aroma (some people also use lavender drops). 

Boots and shoes: Keep them in plastic boxes with a cloth or an old t-shirt separating them, if possible, put tissues inside each pair to help keep the shape.

Jeans: Fold them and put them in a plastic box

T-shirts: Keep them in a plastic box and be careful not to overfill the box, it may form mold.

Coats: Pull the zipper to the top, fold carefully and place in a plastic box. Another option is to wrap them in plastic and put them on hangers. 

As mentioned above,

We recommend using plastic boxes to store clothes and avoid cardboard boxes. They not only fall apart over time but more importantly plastic boxes keep bugs out. If you choose transparent boxes, you can see the inside and quickly “discover” what you are looking for for instance.

If not, at MSPACE we have very sturdy boxes that can be used to hang your clothes.

Where to store?

Store in a clean, cool, dry and dark place. 

Pay attention to garages and attics, these are places that do not have a good air circulation, therefore not a safe option for storing your winter clothes.

In conclusion, try to keep them under your bed or in the closet, moreover, if you don’t have space at home you can always rent a small storage unit with us at:

MSPACE Self Storage.

Our individual warehouses are temperature and humidity controlled, in conclusion when you pick them up again for the winter they are in perfect condition.

We have spaces from 1m² to 250m² for rent.

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