Warehouses and Mini-warehouses for rent

Self Storage in Lisbon

Several reasons justify the need for a storage solution (Self Storage in Lisbon).

Storage at MSpace is simple, secure, and flexible.

Contact our advisory team to find out how you can save time and money.

We can arrange for the transportation of your goods to our facilities.

We are a true extension of your home, your belongings are perfectly safe at our facilities.

See our solutions for mini-warehouses and warehouses in the space guide.

Your final customer is an individual or a company.

You are in the right place to find the storage unit that best fits your project.

You can see the different sizes of units for rent and get a first estimate through the Spaces Guide.

If you are about to move house or if you are going to emigrate, there is nothing easier than transferring the contents of your home to our self storage.

There are an increasing number of urban dwellers who live in small areas and suffer from a lack of space. If you feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of objects it is because you need to store. Don’t discard their value by keeping them in your possession, stored in our spaces in absolute safety.

We know that construction work in a house can cause a lot of disturbances, so we offer different safe pits for rent. Relieve your worries and use our spaces temporarily while the construction work takes place in your home.

Travel with peace of mind, store your possessions with us. We have several storage solutions available for you. For a long stay or a long mission, you will need safe, practical and economical storage space.

Have you brought books home from university and run out of space in your residence? Are you coming to study in Lisbon and the square meters of the houses are too expensive? Would an extra room be ideal? We have the right solution at a low cost.

Free up space in your home by storing what you don’t need on a daily basis. Many times it is hard to find a new house to rent, make the one you have profitable by putting part of it in MSpace. We are committed to providing you with flexible solutions that fit your reality, whatever the circumstances.

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