Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section of the site is intended to answer most of the storage questions we receive. However, if you still have any questions, please ask us by e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Yes. It is not allowed to store:

Fuel or flammable materials such as gas cylinders, paints, oil, oils, cleaning solvents;
Pollutants, garbage or toxic waste, contaminated goods (asbestos and batteries);
Solid residues;
Animals and plants;
Food or perishable items;
Firearms, ammunition and explosives, including fireworks;
High-value items that require special storage (jewelry, cash, securities, stamps, antiques, works of art, rare wines);
Illegal goods.

Yes, a pre-booking can be made on the website, but the details can only be finalized in person, with the contract. It is worth remembering that some documents are required in this process. The contract obliges an insurance of 5000 Euros per box rented, to be charged separately, if you want the insurance extension, you will pay accordingly.

Our opening hours are from 8am to 8pm (every day of the week). The boxes are private, and only the customer and/or authorized people will have access, through the use of a password and access key. Employees of the unit do not have, under any circumstances, access to the inside of the boxes.

Yes, a pre-booking can be made through the site, but the details can only be finalized in person, with the contract. The contract is signed on the spot, and the following documents are required for the effect:
Individuals – Citizen’s Card;
Foreign Individuals – Passport or residence permit;
Legal Entities – Commercial Register Code.

We have a private car access, where large vehicles can access. In case you are by car, you can use the park with direct access to the interior of the building, using one of the transport carts provided free of charge for this purpose. There is also the possibility of providing, by appointment and budget, a forklift, which are indicated for larger and heavier loads.

MSpace units have 24 hour security and count on a personalized alarm system and surveillance cameras throughout the premises. Besides, each box has an individual alarm whose code is known only by the client, as well as a personal and untransferable padlock.

All kinds of products and materials with the exception of
Goods that deteriorate;
Explosive and flammable materials, eminently dangerous;
Illegal products, whose storage implies the possibility of violation of any law or regulation of any public authority;
Counterfeit products;
Money, jewelry, precious stones and metals.

MSpace has a partnership with a specialized company, which ensures transportation at the best prices.

As it is a rental contract, it is not subject to VAT.

The minimum period of stay is 1 week, and the contract is tailored to your needs, you can enter on the date you want, but you must confirm the availability of the box you want, not being binding the entry on the 1st of each month.

The rent is calculated proportionally according to the date on which the lease contract is signed.

You can always do it, the change will be immediate as long as the desired box is available on the date of the change.

You must communicate the cancellation until the 25th day of the month prior to your departure. The deposit will be returned at the end of the lease, upon delivery of the rented space duly cleaned and in good state of repair and after the regularization of all debts and delivery of the keys.


For your convenience, M Space has several payment options. Make your payment with:
. Debit Card
. credit card
. Direct Debit
. Wire Transfer
. Cash
. Paypal

Our contracts are weekly/monthly and are automatically renewed, and can be terminated by the customer at any time, without penalty and in an uncomplicated manner. For this, it is only necessary to formalize the conclusion by e-mail, with a minimum advance notice of 15 days.

The rent will be paid by cash, credit card, MB card, MB references, debit on account, bank transfer or MBWAY, and the payment must be made by the 8th day of the corresponding month.

Yes, corresponding to the value of one month’s rent